Nearly 20 years of leadership experience;
connecting people, developing places,
and designing practices.


Katie working with carl's help  to find solutions to interactive map development

Creating a learning organization, where people are encouraged to embark on constant growth, peer-to-peer learning, and independence to explore ideas, is critical for an innovative space. All aspect of our work, from exploring new technology to improving project management is up for discussion. Additionally, we focus on the constant growth through personal challenge and professional development.

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Women in Geography meet in the Cart Lab to talk about networking

As geographers we know that place matters. Students, faculty, and staff gather in the Cartography Lab to brainstorm, let their creativity flow, and collaborate. The space itself doesn't have to be fancy. We piece together grants, and small amounts of revenue to maintain what we need. The space requires: top-notch technology, comfort, and common understanding.

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Constanza and Kristen during the marshmallow challenge, a mental break from the difficult design challenge

As we use and develop tools, we create practices. Those practices drive our strategy. We are a makerspace, not in a traditional sense of large equipment to manufacture physical products. Instead our products are in the form of data, procedures, practices, visualizations, and tools. Students understand the power of using and creating tools in their professional lives to communicate.

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