Learn it. Create it. Share it!

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'm going to be posting here a series of events, philosophies, and activities that I support in my lab. As well--like any proud mentor--share a bit about the amazing people that I have the opportunity to work with. 

I have adapted the graphic above from the Yale Makerspace, to match the goals, and opportunities of the creative space that I run, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Cartography Lab. This graphic situates all of the work that you will see shared on this blog. In it there is room for professional development, technical training, and social connections. 

The concept of the culture of the lab is that it supports a range of activities from formal (or overseen and led by faculty or staff) to informal (student led), these are represented along the x-axis of the graphic. The y-axis support the three commitments of the lab: share, create, and learn. The foundation is "share" here students both contribute to and consume information from the ecosystem of cartography education. The next row focuses on "create" which is where we create space for students to experiment, and make projects, data, and processes. The final row, "learn" is the emphasis on the lab as a teaching space. This happens in traditional academic settings to student-led workshops and classes. 

I hope that this blog will offer ideas or activities that will spark ideas for you, in the spaces where you exist. If you use something you see or read about here, I would love to hear about it. What went well for you, and what didn't? How did you modify it? Also, are there things that you've done that I haven't shared. Please tell me! I'd love to know how you are bringing people together, and how you're investing in them.