UWCL 2017 Design Challenge!


March 4, 2017 Design Challenge Schedule:

9am Meet in the Cart Lab, eat breakfast snacks, listen to experts
10am Work, in Cart Lab and 380
11:30am Short break, and activity
12pm Working lunch, sharing between groups
1pm Work
5:30pm Submit files
6pm Gather in Map Library for dinner and public presentations

Project background, and impact:

Community and neighborhood centers are the have the potential to be a point of intersection for a community. Madison has several wonderful community centers, and would certainly more communities would benefit from having them nearby. However, resources are scarce, and careful consideration must be given on how and when to construct them. This project will take an overview look of the city currently, and combine it with a focused look at one center in the city that is pushing the seams.

Extra special, super talented, guest cartographer:

Team 1 will be lead by Mamata Akella from the company CARTO—headquartered in Madrid, Mamata works out of the Manhattan office—will be at the Design Challenge. She will be leading a public-facing website and map that features community centers in town and the offerings of each (as best we can do in the limited amount of time that we have to pull the data together).

Team 2 will be led by Matthew Baker, who currently works as the spatial information manager at the Denver Public Schools. His team will focus on analysis of the city landscape, including demographics, access to community centers, etc.

Team 3 will focus on Bridge Lake Point Waunona, and the specific needs of the center. The idea is to create a report or graphics for BLW that help tell the story of the center. The intended audiences for the products will hopefully be funders, or an example to be used by other communities looking to convince government or funders. Bill Buckingham, a health geographer, with training and expertise in census data will be the data expert on hand.