Grassroots Leadership Goal Setting & Action Planning Event

FAWN Leadership planning meeting, June 10. Photo credit: j. McClendon

FAWN Leadership planning meeting, June 10. Photo credit: j. McClendon

Goals & Actions Agenda


Individual Exercise 1: Reflections on values from each region — work as individual (link)

Group Exercise 1: Build the span of values from each region — group

Explanation: On large post-it notes write one topic on each, and place on large wall or board, as they are mentioned. Write as many as needed. Allow discussion to wander, take notes about items you hear mentioned in conversation.

Individual Exercise 2: Narrowing the focus — work as individual (link)

Explanation: Choose 5 of the topics from Exercise 1, and the group activity that represent your regions top and most urgent need for action. Rank the level of urgency/importance of each on a 1-10 scale, imagining 1 near the hub, and 10 at the farthest point on the spoke from the center.

Individual Exercise 3: Create action plan  — work as individual (link)

Group Exercise 2: Requirements for success — group

Explanation: Take turns sharing the action plan that s/he has written. Facilitator records a list on large board/flipchart at front of the room, requirements for success (or needs), that are mentioned as the presentations are happening. 

12:00 - Lunch

Group Exercise 3: Rank state-wide priorities.

Explanation: Create a space for four levels of priority, for this organization. Go through each post-it, placing it in the proper category (1 = most urgent, and relevant to this group; 4 = important but outside of the focus of this group)

Group Exercise 4: Convince (who), That (what), Because (why)*

Explanation: From all of the activities fill in the following, 

<Name of group> needs to convince (who?),

that (what?),

because (why?)

Set next steps and next meeting

Explanation: Who is going to what, before the next meeting?

*Credit, Michael Calienes