Designing Creative Spaces, AAG 2018

Intentional development of teams, through activities and a strong culture, can help groups of all types achieve greater success. This talk will provide an overview on how to create the spaces that we occupy, rather than leaving it to chance. Walk through the process, from opening up, to addressing the messy middle, or storming process of group dynamics, to developing the culture that you want your organization to have, to celebrating success at the completion of phases. There will be tips for everyone including lab managers, company owners, professional organizations, and people teaching classes. Engagement and connection with others enrich our experiences, and help us through the most difficult days. Tanya Buckingham (@tanmabuck), Creative Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cartography Lab, former Executive Director of the North American Cartographic Information Society, and local election campaign manager, will share her process of building teams, challenging individuals, and creating a culture that supports organizational goals.


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