Tanya Buckingham — driven by building community

Buckingham family

I am dedicated to helping organizations run effectively, efficiently, and inspiring people to pursue deeply satisfying paths, and impactful action. I have worked with non-profits, start-ups, grassroots organizations, university departments, and small companies, as well as individuals to get "unstuck," or figure out how to take a leap. I am naturally collaborative, and believe it is crucial to engage with people on the receiving end of action to be included throughout the process.

I am trained in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, emphasizing social justice, and leadership coaching. I'm an avid supporter of opportunities for kids struggling with learning differences, and supplying parents with tools for positive parenting. Intergenerational programming and addressing loneliness in the elderly population is something I am dedicating more time to. I am a designer, and frequently create graphics to clarify and explain complex ideas. 

On April 3, 2018 I was elected as the Dane County Supervisor for District 24. You can find updates about my Dane County Supervisor responsibilities at my Dane County Updates page. If you'd like to read more about leadership or map related work, you can visit my All over the map updates.