Early Budget Process update


County budget is available.

Here's what I'm looking into with regard to budget amendments - 

Immigration. I am looking at two amendments:

$70,000 that would go to the Madison Community Foundation – Dane County Immigrant Assistance Fund. This organization assists immigrants in our community.

$80,000 for a second position in the Dane County Immigration Affairs office. Currently, there is only one social worker to do caseload management. This was a lot of work before ICE stepped up activity in the area, but now there are even more families relying on Fabioloa Hamden.

 Support for Neighborhood around La Follette High School. I have been meeting with school employees, students, and residents. Each group has expressed concern for recent gun activity, and youth violence. We are looking at reserving funding for a position, and community engagement that will influence how to move forward.

 Parent Training for Inmates. I serve the Creating Economic Stability Team at the United Way, and the Journey Home Delegation. This has introduced me to a lot of information and experts on corrections. I recently learned about an evidence-based program that helps parents in prison connect with their children. It helps them build tools, as well as dealing with the stigma of an incarcerated parent and trauma of separation. The training costs for 3 people will be around $6,000, and the work will be completed in partnership with UW-Madison researchers.

Monona. I put in a request to the Monona Mayor O’Connor late in the process. One of the benefits of knowing this process next year, is that I will start much earlier with my community requests! She is reaching out to staff and will get back to me with possible budget support for Monona.

Other items that were important to the work that I’ve been doing:

Vets Ride With Pride. During my Veterans Service Commission meeting, I learned that this program is critical not only in helping Veterans get around to important appointments, it is also a chance for staff to check in with Veterans and look for signs of mental and physical health concerns. A confirmation from the County Executive’s office informed me that the $10k increase that was added to the budget.

Kajsiab House. This effort was led by our committee chair Jamie Kuhn, and I was grateful to be alongside her to help where I could. We will have an amendment that helps keep the doors open through 2018, and allow for a proper transition for culturally competent mental health care. 

Overview of the budget process:

Oct 1 - 

  • County Exec released his budget

  • Us new folks are all excited to go through our first budget! 

  • It is a good budget addressing many of the concerns raised by the public

  • We start analyzing what was funded and looking for where we might suggest amendments.

Oct 11 - 

  • Health and Human Needs committee will go over the budget in detail, asking questions of the Human Services Director

Oct 17 - 

  • Public hearing on budget

Oct 19 - 

  • Amendments are due to the subcommittee

Oct 23-25 -

  • HHN Public Hearing

Oct 30 -

  • HHN will make the case to Personnel and Finance for the amendments it is requesting

Other updates:

Land Information Council. We had an open data win recently. All of Dane County’s spatial data will be openly available.

Engage Dane. A group of us researched how to better engage with people who don't typically contact government. I participated in four listening sessions with different groups around the city, including South Madison Planning Commission, Latino Support Network of Dane County, Area Agency on Aging, and the free community meal at First United Methodist Church. We collected the results and made recommendations on how to move forward. I look forward to continuing this work.

Flooding. The flooding was rough and we are not out of the woods. The recent rain has undone all of the progress we had seen over the last several weeks. I have attended a handful of meetings with the Director and Assistant Director of Department of Land and Water. The county passed a resolution which you can see here, to look at the trends, given the changing climate. Listening sessions tied to the task force approved in the resolution will be scheduled as part of the process, and Mayor O’Connor is coordinating an additional presentation. I will update when I have more dates.

Here are some of the things that the Exec has announced that he's funding: