Week 12

This update will be a little longer because we have a lot of catching up to do! I spent two weeks on a research trip to Sicily to map ruins in Agrigento. I'll begin with the most urgent message which is regarding immigration. The day after I returned to Monona, the Health and Human Needs Committee met. We heard from county staff about mental health services and immigrant support services. We are hearing a lot in the news about the way the federal government is treating people, but we are not getting enough information about what is happening in our own community. I will work with county staff to bring more of that information to you. In the meantime if you, or anyone you know is in need of assistance related to immigration issues, please reach out to Immigration Affairs Specialist, Fabiola Hamdan, hamdan@countyofdane.com, phone: 608-242-6260.

For a list of Dane County resources with links, visit here.

Dane County Immigration Affairs and other resources

Dane County Immigration Affairs and other resources

It was while I stood in front of the Temple of Concordia, and watched the sun illuminate the east facing side—the same sun, on the same pillars that have stood for more than 2000 years—that I felt deeply connected to the chain of human existence, and was reminded of the weight of our responsibility to do the most we can with the time that we have in our lives, as that chain continues into the future.

Sun rising on east pillars of Temple of Concordia

Sun rising on east pillars of Temple of Concordia

The meeting agenda for the June 28 Health and Human Needs Committee can be found here.  We met at Badger Prairie Health Center, a state of the art facility that is prepared to provide difficult health care to the most challenging illnesses.

June 14, Health and Human Needs held a short and insightful meeting, with presentation a presentation from Martha Stacker, Children Youth and Families. You can find the meeting agenda here. We then joined with our colleagues from Public Protection & Judiciary Committee, where we heard from Jacob Cirian at The Grow Academy, and John Bauman on the current and future of juvenile corrections in Dane County, as we walked through the juvenile detention center, joined by many members of MOSES.

On June 12 the Dane County UW-Extension Committee met, agenda linked here. We shared the biggest struggles to Dane County and the greatest opportunities. 

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Dane County is considering a November advisory referendum on whether residents want to legalize marijuana. Is this a good idea?, The Herald-Independent

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