SPECIAL POST: Public Meeting tonight, Buckeye Rd. & Cottage Grove Rd.

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A few weeks ago, we began working with area alders and supervisors, the County Executive as well as County and City staff to resolve concerns regarding the proposed jurisdictional transfer of County Highways AB (Buckeye Rd.) and BB (Cottage Grove Rd.) from the County to the City. 

We have made significant progress on this issue, with the County advancing multiple proposals (including the original position advocated for by City staff). Unfortunately the Mayor has rejected all of these proposals, instead advocating the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board transfer the funds to cover federal funding shortfalls in other projects.

There is a public hearing and potential vote tonight at 6:30pm (Metro Transit Administration Building,  1245 E. Washington Avenue, Administrative Conference Room), and we need your help to protect this funding for our kids. Transferring the funding from the projects will:

  1. Short-circuit ongoing efforts to reach a positive resolution on this issue;
  2. Scuttle these crucial projects for an unforeseeable period of time; and
  3. Negatively impact neighborhood families, particularly those enrolled at Allis school.

Our top priority has been addressing the road condition, sidewalks and other improvements around Allis School. The nearly 500 students enrolled at Allis are 77% students of color, 67% low income, 25% English learners, and 14% special education. These students and their families deserve a road that meets urban standards around their school.

Additionally, both the County and City have spent years planning these projects and committed over $2 million to planning, design, and property acquisition for these projects. Given the time and resource investment, it would be imprudent to abandon these projects at this time.

Transferring this funding strips communities on the eastside of funds needed to reconstruct roads that are in poor condition and do not serve the needs of the communities. In the alternative, we find it critical that local leaders are open to compromise and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Most of all, in the end we remain committed to moving forward, working together, and investing in these critical neighborhoods.

As such, we ask you as neighborhood and education leaders in our community to urge the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board to deny or delay this request until the regularly scheduled meeting on August 1, preserving our ability to continue working together in good faith on behalf our neighborhoods and families with school-age students.

We have included the contact information for the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board member below:

Contact information for the MPO members is included below:

Madison Alder David Ahrens

Madison Alder Mark Clear

Former Madison Alder Ken Golden

Metro General Transit Manager Charles Kamp

Madison Alder Steven King

Madison Alder Larry Palm

Dane County Director of Public Works Jerry Mandli

Dane County Supervisor Kelly Danner

Sun Prairie Mayor Paul Esser

Middleton Assistant Planning Director Mark Opitz

Village of Windsor Trustee Bruce Stravinski

Monona Alder Doug Wood

Town of Dunn Chair Ed Minihan

WisDot Civil Engineer Stephen Flottmeyer

List of emails to copy and paste (using commas)

List of emails to copy and paste (using semicolons)           

Thank you for your work on behalf the kids and families in our community.


Amanda Hall
Madison Alder, District 3

David Ahrens
Madison Alder, District 15

Jamie Kuhn
Dane County Supervisor, District 16

Jeff Pertl
Dane County Supervisor, District 17

Tanya Buckingham
Dane County Supervisor, District 24