Weeks 17-23

It has been a very busy several weeks, so this is an overview of everything that has happened around District 24, the County, and with the boards and commissions on which I serve. As always I am available to talk about what is important to you, or things that you’re thinking about.

There are two major issues that we’re looking at right now: response to flooding and the 2019 budget. If you have anything you’d like to share with me, please reach out to: buckingham.tanya@countyofdane.com.

Please respond to the survey: How We Grow Matters

Week 17:
Jul 26–27: All City Swim Meet, hosted in Monona
Jul 30 - Crossfit Games tour of grounds
Aug 1 - Economic Development, Government and Education Roundtable
Aug 2 - UW Extension Committee Meeting

Week 18:
Aug 6 - Vera Court Board Meeting
Aug 7 - Lanterns for Peace
Aug 8 - United Way, Journey Home Delegation
Aug 9 - Bridge LakePoint Steering Committee
Aug 9 - Evjue Foundation Ribbon Cutting at Vera Court
Aug 9 - Health and Human Needs Committee meeting

Week 19:
Aug 12 - Lake Edge Neighborhood Association (LENA) Picnic
Aug 16 - LakePoint Picnic
Aug 17 - United Way, Building Economic Stability

Week 20:
Aug 20 - Engage Dane: South Madison Planning Council
Aug 21 - United Way Seasons of Caring Kick off
Aug 21 - Meeting at Capitol Lakes Dog Park to hear constituent concerns

Week 21:
Aug 28 - Bridge LakePoint Waunona Community Listening Session
Aug 29 - Park Edge/Park Ridge Employment Center, Groundbreaking Ceremony
Aug 30 - Health and Human Needs Committee Meeting

Week 22:
Sept 4 - United Way Investment Process Redesign Open House
Sept 5 - Engage Dane: First United Methodist Church
Sept 6 - County Board Meeting
Sept 7 - Veteran’s Service Commission
Sept 7 - Latino Academy of Workforce Development CDL & GED Graduation
Sept 8 - Monona Rise for Climate Rally

Week 23:
Sept 10 - Vera Court Board Meeting
Sept 12 - Public Budget Hearings - Human Services
Sept 13 - Public Budget Hearings - All other Departments
Sept 16 - Office Hours with Mayor O’Connor at Farmers’ Market
Sept 16 - Belle Isle Neighborhood Association Meeting

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