Love for the Community Restorative Court

On Valentine’s Day the Health and Human Needs (HHN) committee met to discuss a series of considerations for regular business, you can see more about that by taking a look at the minutes (link). We also heard from the Dane County Community Restorative Courts. A huge thank you to HHN Chair, Supervisor Jaime Kuhn and Director of Human Services, Lynn Green, and their commitment to organizing visits from service providers within the county human services. We have all learned a tremendous amount from the staff that have visited from various areas of this very large department.

The same was true the week of February 14th, when we learned more details about the Community Restorative Court, and the success it has had across our community. The website proudly announces the Community Restorative Courts (CRC): repair harm, reduce risk, rebuild community.

The CRC is victim based, offender focused, and community driven. As you can see in the report presented to us, there is a 90% successful completion rate, with an incredible impact on recidivism, with only 7.64% of those who have completed the process with a CCAP record after 6 months.

Recently, I have learned of some stories where these practices have been used in schools with great success. I hope we can continue to expand the work of the CRC, bringing positive change for everyone involved.

You can learn more by reading some of these stories about CRC in the news:

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Dane County Community Restorative Courts

Dane County Community Restorative Courts