When my daughter was 5, she learned how to do a cartwheel. She was so excited, she called me over to witness her ability to do it. And then, she did it again. And again. She was repeating her new skill because she was proud, she was also doing it to prove to herself that she could do it again. When she finally trusted that she could, she moved on to the next challenge: a one-handed cartwheel. What this required of her was the ability to try and fail, revise her process and try again.
    When we are at our best, it is because we have tested, and revised, and learned what works. This is true for learning a new software, or event, or writing a grant. 

Repeatable steps to develop process within your organization:

  • Build time in to try new methods
  • Communicate an expectation that failure is expected on some projects
  • Identify when a project doesn't have the leeway to test, and fail, with a new approach
  • Take a break, step away from the process for a bit when you're stuck
  • Start analysis by an evaluation of what others are doing
  • Attend conferences or other related events where people are willing to talk about their internal processes